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Mountain biking along the Canyon of Osumi

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From Corovode, crossing the river on the opposite bank you can follow the unpaved road carriageway that connects the many villages in the valley of the river Osumi. You can mountain bike most of the hiking trails and staying on track-paved road, you will get to Prishta. Hence Cycling is then difficult to continue to reach the “mill Improvement” before returning to Corovode from the opposite bank, unless you want to walk the last part with some stretch this on his shoulders. From Prishta the path is disconnected and then the last part of this leads to the bridge walkway is on the rock and you have to pay close attention. Important: Be careful not to crush the turtles.
Type: mountain biking
Level of difficulty: medium
Location: along the river canyon Osumi
Length: variable; the ring around the canyon crossing the bridge to the mill of dads approximately 25 km
Period: all year round, weather permitting

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