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Baneri Kryesor Siper

Kayaking and rafting in the canyon Osumi

Fatjon Kaloci
The river Osumi in all its stretch starting at the source at the border with Greece and until the beginning of the canyon bridge Amut, is particularly interesting, offering a beautiful landscape and wild water with ideal level until May. Here we will describe only the canyon, which properly has a length of 14 km and ends in the city of Corovode. Truly spectacular and unique, the canyons boast vertical rock walls in high as 300 meters. In some places is so tight that you could almost jump to switch to the opposite shore. There are few, the crossings are possible, the first bridge Amut, where they embark main, then after about 4 km to the bridge walkway of Mill dad, down a more recent passage made for the media to the work of the main road up the valley and the last crossing at the end of the canyon to Corovode. There is the possibility to go rafting with several rafting companies based in both Corovode or Berat. Both can also offer overnight lodging. In the month of June when it reaches low water levels the river Osumi, cesease to have optimal conditions for boating but other activities are organized. On the other hand you can kayak down the river with very low level, although scraping in some passages. During this period, the local people cross it with the beach mats and lilos. The level of pollution is minimally present. There are many local beaches along the river, which are easily accessible. Though the people who come to spend the day often leave garbage. Along the 14 km journey through the canyon, you can admire its spectacular natural value. In some places it is very narrow and one of them in particular is about 2 feet and looking up it almost seems that it is attached from the rock. Some waterfalls formed in the season of greatest richness in water, they fall from the vertical walls in spectacular jumps of tens of meters, under which you can take a refreshing shower. Once out of the canyon you will be located in the city of Corovode, landing is very easy on the banks of the river now open. A raft ride in peace can take at least three hours, just as in a kayak. In canyoning obviously takes much longer, but there is always the possibility of breaking the path entering or exiting the bridges. Of course you can also browse the stretch for several kilometers to the origin of the canyon being very interesting from the point of view canoe. Alternatively, you can continue after Corovode, being very nice also the stretch downstream and having many of landing alternatives, although this course is the most populated showing an increase of pollution. In this stretch downstream the degree of difficulty keeps you on the class II and III rapids though you can always forage the banks.
Type: water activities
Location: canyon of the river Osumi
Length: 14 km
Level of difficulty: according to the seasonal water level. On average, the river in the canyon is maintained between the grade II / III and does not present dangers out of your line of site. In the summer period from June you can walk along the shore, and find excellent place to swim in short stretches where there is more water.
Travel time: in kayaking and rafting in 3 hours
Period: ideal for kayaking and rafting in the spring until May having a better level, but you can kayak all year round even with a little water. From June on canyoning is preferred.