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Baneri Kryesor Siper

Food on Skrapar

Fatjon Kaloci
The Skrapari Cuisine it is typical and there's a  magical taste in it. Sometimes, the dishes are the same in the South Albania but the methods on preparing this food, the traditional products and taste's are the main important differences. But you must know that the food here it's a little bit heavy. All this has an explanation, because the area has a cold winter and a fresh summer. For this, the inhabitants during the years have found different food in order to living healthy. Usually isn't only the lunch a heavy one. In Skrapar area when you listen the phrase "You are invited for dinner" this means that the dinner must be a very rich one and a heavy too.
Përshesh with Chicken
This food is very useful in the area of Skrapar. It is part of our tradition, and it is present in every home during special days. The secret maybe consists on the Chicken origination on our area, and maybe on preparation of chicken broth
This food consist on