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It is somewhat difficult to disentangle the tradition of Skrapar from other surrounding areas, but we will try to write about some of the typical dishes in Skrapar, some traditional, others that are used but was carried from the surrounding area. Lower; for the curious and nostalgic of our Skrapar, here are some of the traditional products in Skrapar.
Kulaç me Pulë is a traditional dish, not lacking especially when coming home Skrapar visitors, this particular dish has the elements zimbrice, poultry broth, onion and butter.
Oshmari, traditional cooking is a very heavy for your stomach but rather used in areas especially during the winter, is a content of pasty flour, butter and salt.
Pastermaja. It is made with meat, beef or goat. Once slaughtered, meat is expected to belts, which coated with spices, oregano and salt. The secret is to dry; It must drain the meat cut into belts in a room where the wood stove near. Made within 20 days of complete drying, then this meat could save all the time but have a ventilated environment. It is very delicious.
Reshedi so called one of the other dishes typical in our area. Sweet cooking base has to use butter, starch and sugar. It is most commonly used threshold particularly in autumn and winter.
Mesnik called another cooking so typical of the area. It is a bit like a pie but within it there are pieces of meat but not an ordinary meat. Meat from the head of the lamb we called tradition of head shaving is one that gives uniqueness to this cooking.
Qumeshtori, this cooking actually is derived from Skrapar ritual surrounding villagers, who, in case a cow born calf, the first milk that cows give (otherwise called kulloshta) gave to people close to them. A very nutritious cooking and cooked as pie. This cooking is a basic mixture with flour, egg and milk.
Dollmate. They are present in every home in Skrapar, mainly in the grape season when the leaves are not yet thickened stalk. These leaves boil in boiling water and then undergo a process of filling with stewed rice, mixed with spices like zimbrice etc.
Kukureci. This cooking is another glamorous cooking which becomes the belly of lamb. The latter, as well washed, grihen in pieces and boil. Then they fall in the range related to a spit or shaped like shaft and then put in the oven. Hmmm taste ???? Fantastic, trust us!
Ashurja, is a sweet cooking typical for our area and even a symbolic element of faith dominating in Skrapar, Bektashi. This requires cooking wheat, starch and sugar The oldest in Skrapar regarded as "cooking fukarait" because it is not difficult to be cooked. But in fact, it refers to the way taste like cooked. Baking egg so should be done directly in the coals of a fire and egg thrown in pallet stacks, without added oil.
Baklava in Albania is quite used but in Skrapar particularity that it has to be done "2 floors." This term refers to the number of foil used. A floor has 15 foil, and Skrapar area, it becomes the foil 30, but sometimes swayed habits and do not be surprised when you find the baklava with 40 or more foil. It is great honor for you if someone offered you a baklava with as many floors.
Up here, we end with some of the traditional dishes, but there are plenty of other, like a pie with beans, rice with chicken, rice and sugar pie, crumbs, qifqi, halva, terhane pie with harsh, noodles, pickles etc. In this trip to gastronomy tradition that we will share with you, we will mention some of the typical drinks in the area of Skrapar Nardeni, Rehani, Musht, Pekmesi, Vera, Rakia
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