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Baneri Kryesor Siper

The Footprint of Abaz Aliu

Fatjon Kaloci
Near the village of Dhores, around 5km from Çorovodë, there are strange forms created from the melting or depositing of limestone in water. These forms resemble the footprint of a horse and a stick. The Legend of Abaz Aliu suggests that these strange forms are the footprint of the Saint Abaz Aliu. Abaz Aliu came to Mt. Tomorr from Qerbelaja upon his white horse to defeat his enemies. It is suggested that Abaz Aliu left a footprint on the plain of Kajcës and another in Dhores (above the Canyons) from where he flew to Mt. Tomorr to defeat his enemies. Followers of Abaz Aliu (Bektashi) visit the footprints in times of spirtual need.