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Baneri Kryesor Siper

The Saint Tomb of Abaz Aliu

Fatjon Kaloci
It represents the most important place of pilgrimage for Bektashi. The tomb is located on Mt. Tomorr, 2217m above the sea level. It is two hours on foot or 40 minutes by car. Abaz Aliu came from Saudi Arabia with his white horse to fight against his enemies on the top of Mt. Tomorr. After Abaz Aliu defeated his enemies he decided to rest for five days on Mt Tomorr and afterwards he went to live on Mt. Olympus. Every year Abaz Aliu returns to the mountain on August 20th and he stays for five days, during these days, many Bektashi and Christians, too, travel to Mt. Tomorr to pray and give thanks. The tomb of Abaz Aliu is an ancient holy place. Mustafa Tusiu and Haxhi Baba Horasani built the resting place for Abaz Aliu at the top of Mt. Tomorr. From that time until today, every year, from August 20th to August 25th, a pilgrimage for Bektashi is organized to Abaz Aliu’s resting place. This pilgrimage has an international quality and is referred to as Kulmak. Participants include Bektashi, Muslims, and Christians from all of Albania, as well as people from the Albanian diaspora and many other countries all over the world. Every year the number of pilgrimage participants grow and the record attendance is at 250,000.