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Baneri Kryesor Siper

Trekking along the Canyon of Osumi

Fatjon Kaloci
Starting with a half from the town hall square of Corovode, go up the canyon along the main road for 10 km until you get to a curve and a plaque in memory of a car accident. Here a dirt road leading to the shore of the river, an area that the locals call the “mill Improvement” and many come to spend the day picnicking and swimming. There is a walkway suspended between the narrow rock walls that at this point, allow one of the only steps from side to side along the canyon (pay attention to the stability of the wooden planks of the bridge). Hiking trail that starts here in about 12 km leads to Corovode along the canyon. Immediately after crossing the bridge, the trail climbs abruptly on a rock wall for about 200 meters, after having reached you can continue to climb path until you come to a dirt road that connects then downhill all the small groups of houses called from time to time villages. Though you can instead go right along the hillside venturing into a rich vegetation in order to avoid roads and forge the path. It may confuse some but, with a minimum of attention and always taking as a reference to the proximity of the canyon, we find the main track that comes together through agricultural fields. When the trail runs along most of the canyon, there are many scenic spots that allow breathtaking views from a height of at least 200 meters from the river and when you will see on the other side the place of pilgrimage of the Holy all’Orma Ali Abas that you passed you can also find a path (with cairn marking) that descends to the river bank. After about 7 km you pass on a bridge over a small stream that forms a rocky platform, which is interesting to explore. Associating dirt road paved hiking becomes very smooth, the river begins to pave the valley and can be reached Zogas, agricultural village with vineyards, from which after about 1 km you will reach the suspension bridge, being careful to cross checking the boards that form the floor of the bridge. That crossing the river near the end of the canyon, leading to downtown Corovode.
Type: trekking
Level of difficulty: easy – medium
Location: along the river canyon Osumi, starting from The Mill Of Dad
Length: 12 km
Journey time: three hours
Period: all year round
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