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Baneri Kryesor Siper

Trekking to Mount Tomor

Fatjon Kaloci
Coming with a Gjerbes the middle of the village, towards the river Devoll, you can continue on foot to reach Mount Tomor, with a trail through the woods that starts from the small power plant that is located 2 km from Gjerbes, along the road that Continue to the bottom of the valley. On the left side of the control panel there is a small stream, from which the path. After path for about 200 meters, you come to the water pipe that comes from the mountain and then it will be enough to follow it. The trail initially is constantly in the shade, steep and rocky, bumpy enough, careful not to slip. Continuing you leave the forest and through the clearings, becoming fluent and offering a fantastic view of the valley and the mountains, up to the place of worship, where you can go in about an hour walk to the summit of Mount Tomor . If you do not have your own transportation to reach Gjerbes or Mount Tomor, simply contact one of the local drivers in Corovode located in the main square many make shuttle service to the various villages or you can take the bus running along the road in the direction of the valley of Devoll.
Type: trekking
Level of difficulty: easy
Location: from the small power plant following the water pipe
Length: 2 km
Journey time: one hour
Period: all year round